Boaters & Sneakers

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Slide 0: G.H. Bass & Co. x Haspel DAVENPORT SNEAKER
Slide 1: Larson Reverso Wedge
Slide 2: Tie Reverso Weejun Wedge
Slide 3: Larson Weejuns Sneaker
Slide 4: Larson Weejuns Sneaker
Slide 5: Larson Weejuns Sneaker
Slide 6: Larson Weejuns Sneaker
Slide 7: Layton Kiltie Sneaker Weejuns
Slide 8: Layton Kiltie Sneaker Weejuns
Slide 9: Layton Kiltie Sneaker Weejuns
Slide 10: Harvey Penny Sneaker
Slide 11: Harvey Penny Sneaker
Slide 12: G.H. Bass & Co. x Haspel FISHER BOATER
Slide 13: Decker Camp Boater
Slide 14: Decker Camp Boater
Slide 15: Decker Camp Boater
Slide 16: Colton Sneaker
Slide 17: Colton Sneaker
Get a casual yet polished look with G.H. Bass & Co.'s collection of men's boat shoes and sneakers. These classic men's sneakers have a timeless style, with a modern casual twist, and wearable comfort. And whether you're sailing the high seas or staying put on dry land, these boat shoes fit like a dream. Complete your look with some men's apparel from G.H. Bass & Co.

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