Mira Mariah is a Brooklyn-based tattoo and visual artist, mother to an incredibly cute daughter, advocate for all things feminine, and an all-around creative force with a fashion sense to match. Mira is known for her delicate and intricate illustrations that often feature plus-size women and honor mothers and disabled women, both labels with which she identifies. We caught up with Mira in her daughter’s favorite playground in Bushwick, Brooklyn, before heading over to her studio nearby, a space exploding with color and positivity, to chat more about her art, style, and love of Weejuns.


Why did you choose tattooing as one of your main creative outlets?

It's like therapy. Or more so, a salon. Tattoo artists get to share our thoughts and feelings in a cool space while we make our clients look and feel more like themselves.

How has becoming a mother influenced your art? Your style?

I've been a mother my whole adult life. I was twenty-two when I had my daughter, so it's hard to imagine a time when I wasn't a mother. My art and style are the way they are because I am constantly thinking about how this human sees me in the world, and because I’m aware that the way I represent myself is not only a reflection of her, but leaves such an impression on her.

It seems like you have a great support system and consistently include others in your work. What role does community play in your life, art, and style?

Community is everything to me. It is the reason that I am. I have a large family and I like to be surrounded by my people as much as humanly possible. I don't feel creative or motivated when I am alone, the way that I do when I'm with those people that I love.

What role do Weejuns play in expressing your personal style?

Weejuns are comfortable and somewhat serious compared to the rest of my eclectic style. They add a level of sophistication to my otherwise rock ‘n’ roll vibe.

Mira's Questionnaire

Photography: Aaron Bengochea

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