When you look at pictures of Laurel Pantin (and there’s a lot to look at, from fashion week street style snaps to feature portraits to her own fun Instagram feed), you instantly recognize her as one of those “cool” people: impeccably dressed but in a completely effortless way, always with a smile and a great accessory. When you meet her, not only is she just as cool as you imagined, but equally as warm, funny, and charismatic. Laurel has an extensive background in the fashion and editorial worlds, having worked for many major fashion magazines and websites including InStyle, where she is currently the Fashion Features Editor. We strolled around Laurel’s neighborhood of Tribeca, grabbed a coffee, and chatted about style, motherhood, and a good pair of classic Weejuns.


So, what’s it like to think about, write about and work with clothing all day long? Sounds fun to us!

It is so much fun. I really, really love what I do, and I really love everyone I work with. The interesting thing about thinking about clothes and shopping all day is that it makes you kind of re-evaluate how much you really need and how much you actually want to have. When I first started in the industry, I just wanted more stuff and every season I really felt like I needed the newest things. Now, I'm more inspired by classic pieces that you can have forever, rather than constant newness.

What’s the best part of your job?

The people I work with are the absolute best, and I love the freedom I have to explore different things I'm interested in.

You must have to keep up with the latest trends in fashion for work. How important is it to you to express your own individuality and creativity through your fashion choices? How often do you find yourself diverging from the trends you cover?

We're actually starting to kind of deviate from "trends" in the traditional sense, mostly in favor of the idea of personal style and adding one or two items each season, rather than a complete overhaul. I think that’s how real women shop and dress, and definitely how I like to shop and dress! My style is constantly changing, but I'm rarely super “on trend.”

You say your style is constantly changing. How do you see it evolving? What inspires you today?

I think having a baby (and being pregnant again) influenced it a lot. Before my son, I liked things that were a little flashier. For some reason, since having him, I'm more into classic, somewhat preppy things. A few things have always stayed the same—I love denim and men's shirting, and I love sparkly things—but each season the overall vibe changes a bit.

How do Weejuns play a role in expressing your style?

I love classic loafers. I think they go with everything and always look polished. I don't wear heels, so really rely on these for meetings or days when I need to look adult.

Laurel's Questionnaire

Photography: Aaron Bengochea

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