Whether you’re doodling in the margins of your notebook in school or absentmindedly sketching during tedious work meetings, drawing is always fun, no matter how bad you are at it. Now, imagine for a second, that you could skip those boring meetings and just get paid to draw. What a life! Well, that’s exactly what Jenny Walton does. Her illustrations of well-dressed women and men have graced the pages of Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Elle, and InStyle, and have led her to partner with brands like Miu Miu, Bottega Veneta, and Moncler, among many others. And just like the stylish figures she depicts in her drawings, Jenny is a trendsetter herself, a staple of street style photography from global fashion weeks year-round. As if that wasn’t enough, she recently launched her own line of accessories that we’re obsessed with. We met up with Jenny at one of her (and our) favorite places in Manhattan, the Balloon Saloon, to discuss living the dream in a great pair of Weejuns.


So, we have to ask: What’s it like to draw for a living? How did you start?

I love drawing, so it's a dream. I started when I went to the Parsons School of Design for fashion design, where I learned how to draw and, later, how to do fashion illustrations. After I graduated, I started spending my commute drawing and posting the drawings to my social media. Within a few months, I was being asked to sketch for magazines and stores.

Where do you get your inspiration for your illustrations? And how do you go about it? Is there a process?

I usually get my inspiration from looking at books or Instagram and seeing something that sparks me. Then I’ll go to my desk, put on some music, and have fun sketching. I like to be partially influenced by something I just saw, but I try to make it my own.

In the same vein, where do you get your inspiration for your personal style? Is there any overlap in inspiration from your work?

Yes, I sometimes think I pose in photographs in the same way that I pose models in my illustrations. I guess we take inspiration from each other!

You recently launched your own line of accessories. What’s it like to wear your own pieces that you designed, as opposed to someone else’s?

Wearing something that you designed is the best feeling because you know how much work went into it. It’s a way to connect to other people, so I can't wait to start seeing people in my pieces!

You described your style as “classic, vintage, and unique.” Where do Weejuns fit into that? Weejuns are classic and unique too. How would you accessorize them, your way?

One of the reasons that I really like wearing Weejuns is how timeless they are. Lately, I've been accessorizing them with a 70s vibe, with belted high-waisted denim and jackets. I really like that they can make a look more classic, with a hint of prep but not too preppy.

Jenny's Questionnaire

Photography: Aaron Bengochea

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