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Slide 0: Larkin Reverso Weejuns
Slide 1: Levi Venetian Weave Weejuns
Slide 2: Lance Venetian Weejuns
Slide 3: Lance Venetian Weejuns
Slide 4: Lambert Weejuns
Slide 5: Rich Weejuns
Slide 6: Rich Weejuns
Slide 7: Rich Weejuns
Slide 8: Langley Weejuns
Slide 9: Langley Weejuns
Slide 10: Larson Crepe Weejuns
Slide 11: Larson Crepe Weejuns
Slide 12: Larson Crepe Weejuns
Slide 13: Larson Weejuns Sneaker
Slide 14: Larson Weejuns Sneaker
Slide 15: Larson Weejuns Sneaker
Slide 16: Larson Weejuns Sneaker
Slide 17: Howard Loafer
Slide 18: Howard Loafer
Slide 22: Wyatt Driver
Slide 23: Wyatt Driver
Slide 24: Wyatt Driver
Slide 25: Wyatt Driver
Slide 26: Wyatt Driver
Slide 27: Wyatt Driver
Slide 28: Warrick Driver
Slide 29: Warrick Driver
Slide 30: Walter Driver
Slide 31: Walter Driver
Slide 32: Walter Driver
Slide 33: Walter Driver
Slide 34: Layton Kiltie Sneaker Weejuns
Slide 35: Layton Kiltie Sneaker Weejuns
Slide 36: Layton Kiltie Sneaker Weejuns
Slide 37: Whitley Woven Loafer
Slide 38: Holmes Venetian Loafer
For an accent of subtlety that stands out, shop G.H. Bass & Co.'s collection of men's leather & suede loafers and drivers. Be part of a longstanding American tradition when you purchase a pair of men's weejuns or loafers from G.H. Bass & Co. Since 1876, G.H. Bass & Co. has been making quality footwear for men and women. Shop our collection of women's flats and loafers as well, to find more classic footwear.