Victor Glemaud, it would seem, has been a clothing designer for almost as long as he’s been alive. Born in Haiti and now living in Manhattan, Victor first got his start cutting up his father’s sweaters as boy. No word on his dad’s reaction to Victor’s new creations back then but we have a hunch that’s it’s all good now, as Victor has since become one of the most celebrated designers of the last fifteen years. His colorful, body inclusive knitwear pieces have won numerous awards and been worn by adoring celebrities like Iman, Selena Gomez, Dakota Johnson, Hailey Baldwin, and Ashley Graham, to name just a few. Victor took some time out of his busy schedule and met with us at King, one of his favorite restaurants in New York City, to discuss color, shape, and, of course, Weejuns.


You were born in Haiti and moved to the US when you were three years old. Does your Haitian heritage influence your work?

Haiti, where I was born, and Queens, where I grew up, both contribute to my design process. I’m stimulated visually.

Your collections are known for their unique and bold point of view, often incorporating bright colors and patterns. How did you find your individual creative voice?

To be honest, I feel like I discovered my creative voice after the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Awards in 2017. It’s all about authenticity. The collection is joyful, unique, colorful, optimistic and accessible—all things I represent and personally value.

Is there such a thing as too much color in an outfit?

Nope! Color, print, pattern, why not mix it all together?

The models in your seasonal lookbooks often wear Weejuns. What about Weejuns do you think makes them pair particularly well with a Victor Glemaud original?

Weejuns are multi-generational! I love the look of a Weejun and the models love to wear them. We always gift the models the pair they wore after each presentation, which brings utter joy. Both my husband and mother own Weejuns as well. With each collection, I always strive to dress as many body types and ages as possible, just like a Weejun.

When preparing a collection, you must get pretty immersed in the inspiration and design process. Do elements of your current (or past) collections ever bleed into your personal style, or vice versa?

Yes, all the time. Collections retain old and new ideas, references and emotions. That is why each one is such a labor of love.

How do Weejuns fit into your own personal day-to-day style?

With ease!

Victor's Questionnaire

Photography: Aaron Bengochea

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