What makes a for a great stylist? For many, you know it when you see them. A stylist’s own personal style and fashion choices often greatly influence the way they style others, so it’s no real surprise that Brie Welch is fantastic at her job. Brie has worked on projects for the likes of Net-a-Porter, Theory, Vince, Nike, and Levi's, so she knows a thing or two about styling (and how to dress well doing it). She took time out of her busy schedule to give us a tour of her Chinatown apartment and neighborhood, divulge some of her sources of inspiration, and show us how to wear a perfect pair of Whitney Weejuns.


You grew up in California and later moved to New York City. How did your personal style evolve with the transition in locations?

My personal style certainly saw an evolution from the Cali style of more colorful, less serious vintage finds mixed and matched. When I moved to New York, the energy was different, darker, and more earnest in the daily ensemble. My wardrobe saw a huge influx of black, as well as returning to a childhood favorite of blazers and jeans.

Where do you look for style inspiration, both for your own fashion sense and for your work?

For myself, I look to my friends, 90’s Prada and early Phoebe Philo Celine runways, and David Bowie, especially for color combinations. For work, I like to research films and look at old photo books.

What is it about clothes that motivates you to work with them every day?

Growing up with a mother who would sew all of my costumes informed my love of clothes. Having an appreciation for thrift stores and being able to put together an interesting outfit from a young age continues to motivate me to keep working and re-working clothing into something new.

As a stylist, how much does your personal style and what you like to wear yourself affect the looks you make for other people?

Almost 100%. I like to think that what I style is a reflection of my own taste with hints of more intricate or glamorous moments, particularly for editorial and personal projects.

What makes for a perfect outfit, in your opinion?

A high waist trouser and fitted tee shirt with flats. Elegant but relaxed and cool.

What is it about Weejuns that make them a staple of your wardrobe?

A Weejuns loafer is really my go-to flat. It let’s me dress smart without thinking too hard.

Brie's Questionnaire

Photography: Aaron Bengochea

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