Oxfords & Lace-Ups

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Slide 0: Gregory Dress Shoe
Slide 1: Gregory Dress Shoe
Slide 2: Gordon Oxford
Slide 3: Gordon Oxford
Slide 4: Gordon Oxford
Slide 5: Mitch Dress Shoe
Slide 6: Banks Oxford
Slide 7: Banks Oxford
Slide 8: Flex Step Captoe Oxford
Slide 9: Flex Step Captoe Oxford
Slide 10: Flex Step Wingtip
Slide 11: Flex Step Wingtip
Slide 12: Flex Step Wingtip
Slide 13: Jack Wingtip Oxford
Slide 14: Jack Wingtip Oxford
Slide 15: Jack Wingtip Oxford
Slide 16: Flex Step Monkstrap Dress Shoe
Slide 17: Flex Step Monkstrap Dress Shoe
Slide 18: Dan Oxford
Slide 19: Dan Oxford
Slide 20: Liam Buck
Slide 21: Liam Buck
Slide 22: Pasadena Buck Ii Wide
Slide 23: Pasadena Buck II
Slide 24: Pasadena Buck II
Slide 25: Pasadena Buck II
Slide 26: Pasadena Buck
Slide 27: Pasadena Buck
Slide 28: Pasadena Buck
Slide 29: Pasadena Buck
Slide 30: Pasadena Buck
Slide 31: Pasadena Buck Ii
Slide 32: Pasadena Wide
Slide 33: Chris Moc Toe Work Shoe
Slide 34: Chad Clean Toe Work Shoe
Slide 35: Stanley Oxford
Slide 36: Stanley Oxford
Slide 37: Stanley Oxford
Slide 38: Propel Boulevard Oxford
Slide 39: Propel Boulevard Oxford
Slide 40: Seymour Comfort Shoe
Slide 41: Bond Saddle
Slide 42: Bond Saddle
Slide 43: Bond Saddle
Discover our collection of men's oxford shoes & men's buck shoes. Stylish men's saddle shoes showcase classic construction & modern creativity. Decidedly classic, yet effortlessly chic, our men's oxford shoes are sure to emphasize your classic style. We craft our shoes with the finest materials and we don’t skimp on comfort. For the fashionable man, there are a variety of ways to showcase your style! So, if you are looking for a beautifully crafted pair of men's buck shoes or men's saddle shoes we've got your feet covered!

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