Personifying the American Spirit, Bass shoes have been worn for generations, shaping them into an iconic symbol of discovery, perseverance and self-expression. Almost 140 years later, we continue to find new ways to combine the classics with the contemporary, proving that A True Original Is Always In Demand.
They say they don't make 'em like they used to, that hard work, innovation and self-expression never go out of style. Still bench crafted and hand-stitched, our signature Weejuns are more in demand than ever, worn by casual and fashion-forward crowds alike.
Our customers are born from the backbone of American history. They represented our nation. They explored territories unknown. They defined pop culture. They saw the world from a new perspective. And Bass was with them every step of the way.
With every new day and every new beginning, we continue to inspire, support and outfit future generations living the American Dream. #GHBass
Take a walk on the wild side. Heritage meets high fashion in our edgiest collection yet. The limited edition RE/DONE + Weejuns capsule collection is a modern interpretation of a classic, using carefully sourced vintage tapestry, calf hair, patent and box leathers.
Iconic American footwear brand G.H. Bass & Co. has partnered with contemporary British menswear label, Universal Works, to create two debut styles, echoing the core design values of both brands.